Pacific Filmmakers (Pacific VS Coal)



“Climate change is the single greatest threat to the security and prosperity of the Pacific.” These words from the Pacific’s leaders underscore the very real threat and now-daily fight being fought on the front lines of this global crisis. 


The Pacific may be on the front lines of the crisis, but we will lead to ensure we all come out of it. Stories, oral traditions and music have been the tools with which Pacific peoples have passed down their knowledge, histories and heritage for over four millennia. We will use these same tools now to tell our story from the frontlines of the climate crisis. 


Are you a Pacific creative agency that wants to partner with us in 2020 to take viewers on a personal journey into the daily realities of climate change as experienced by frontline peoples? By focusing on the human face of climate change and the rich historical tapestries of the pacific which are not under threat, we want you to help us to connect with our audiences at a level where science and politics has failed – at a personal, human level. 


  • Are from the Pacific, are of Pacific Island heritage and have a deep respect and understanding of Pacific cultures and traditions;
  • Are available to shoot in Pacific locations during May-June 2020 and finalise production in July 2020;
  • Have demonstrated experience producing short and long shot documentary videos to a broadcast-worthy standard;
  • Are good directors and flexible team players;
  • Work independently;
  • Can clearly follow a brief and deliver on it, and seek out opportunities to build on it;
  • Can edit and process material efficiently;
  • Understand how to shoot both traditional and digital media;
  • Have demonstrated experience successfully producing content that reaches a specific audience.


  • Contractors will be hired for 4-8 weeks;
  • Contractors will be required to process and edit material in anticipation for a public launch at the end of July 2020;
  • We’ll arrange travel between the Pacific Island locations as agreed to in the brief;
  • Contractors are expected to provide and insure their own equipment;
  • Greenpeace will own copyright for video footage.


If you’d like to be considered, submit an expression of interest to [email protected]. Full briefs will be sent out to interested parties. Treatment due by AEST midnight, 28 April, 2020. 

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]