Non Executive Director (Voluntary)

Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited seeks Board Member (Voluntary) with knowledge of the Pacific

The Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited (GPAP) Board is dedicated to upholding GPAP’s values, mission and purpose. These are critical as we work to project a compelling vision of an earth capable of nurturing life in all of its magnificent diversity and use our strengths to bring down the vested interests of the fossil fuel order that stand in the way.

This year the Nominations Subcommittee of the Board are undertaking a recruitment process seeking to identify one or more Board nominees who have a deep understanding of the cultural, political, economic and social context of the Pacific, and who might be suitable for membership of the Board either by co-option now or as candidates for consideration for election at the next AGM. We have some exciting work in the Pacific planned on the horizon and a board member with this skill set could be an invaluable addition to the team.

About Greenpeace 

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation that uses non-violent direct action to expose global environmental problems and to force solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future.

Greenpeace’s goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity.

Our core values

  • Independence: We do not accept money from governments, corporations or political parties because it would compromise our core values.
  • Bearing witness: Our peaceful protests work to raise awareness and bring public opinion to bear on decision-makers.
  • Non-violent direct action: We strongly believe that violence in any form is morally wrong and accomplishes nothing. Greenpeace takes non-violent direct action at the point of an environmental crime to expose an environmental problem.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s (GPAP) head office is based in Sydney. It has an annual turnover of approximately $18 million (YE 2019). For more information about Greenpeace Australia Pacific (GPAP), go to

About you

Candidates must:

  • have a deep understanding of the cultural, political, economic and social context of the Pacific; and
  • have sufficient time to effectively commit to GPAP Board work (as a guide approximately 15 to 20 hours per month).

The following will be looked upon favourably (but are not mandatory requirements):

  • experience in Greenpeace, campaigning and/or expertise in environmental or wider movements;
  • relevant governance experience, skills, and availability to be considered in future to become the GPAP Board Chair; and
  • relevant networks suitable to providing significant value to the GPAP Board as it scales up for greater achievement.

Key responsibilities of a GPAP Board Member

The GPAP Board is above all else the guarantor of the integrity of the organisation.

GPAP Board Directors:

  • are appointed for a 3 year term, with the option of re-nomination for a 2nd 3 year term;
  • are required to uphold their statutory and fiduciary duties to act in good faith; 
  • are to avoid conflicts of interests;
  • owe a duty of care, diligence and skill.

The full range of GPAP Board member responsibilities is extensive. In summary, the GPAP Board is expected to exercise the following key responsibilities:  

  • ensure that GPAP’s mission is clear, appropriate and maintains relevance as times change;
  • expected to provide guidance for setting the direction of GPAP;
  • continuously monitor GPAP’s programs and activities to ensure they are aligned with GPAP’s mission and achieve their short-term goals and long-term purpose;
  • ensure executive performance by setting objectives and performance indicators for the CEO and regularly reviewing the CEO’s performance;  
  • ensure that GPAP obtains and appropriately uses the resources required to carry out GPAP’s mission and sustain it; 
  • be satisfied as to the adequacy and integrity of financial and other reporting to the Board and that there are adequate systems of internal control; and
  • be satisfied that systems for identification and management of risks are robust and appropriate.

As a member of the board of a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), GPAP Board members have duties and responsibilities prescribed under the ACNC Governance Standard 5, which include:

  • to act with reasonable care and diligence;
  • to act in good faith in the best interests of Greenpeace and for a proper purpose;
  • not to improperly use information or their position;
  • to disclose conflicts of interest;
  • to ensure that financial affairs are managed responsibly; and
  • not to allow the charity to operate while insolvent.

Required GPAP Board Member time

It is essential that all applicants to the GPAP Board deeply consider the required time contribution to be an effective GPAP Board member.

GPAP Board applicants need to be able to have sufficient time to contribute to the Board work and participate on Board Committees (as a guide, 15 – 20 hours per month). 

GPAP Board Meeting Cadence

The GPAP Board meets at least six (6) times per year. During 2020 meetings were held virtually.

GPAP Board meeting cadence includes a formal evening Board dinner the night prior to a full day Board meeting the following day.

Every GPAP Board member is required to be a member of the GPAP General Assembly (GA), an overarching governance body of GPAP with specific powers under the GPAP Constitution to make some decisions. The GA meets once (1) per year and a General Assembly update is provided shortly after each GPAP Board meeting. Nominees can apply for both application to the General Assembly and application to the Board at the same time.   

How to apply

Candidates should make their submission via the Recruiterflow form available at Please upload an abbreviated resume (2 pages max) in PDF format. If this poses an accessibility issue please contact GPAP’s company secretary at [email protected] or at:

Company Secretary

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

GPO Box 3307, Sydney NSW 2001

All documents are to be received by 7pm, Tuesday 9th of February 2021.

Upon initial assessment of applications, the GPAP Nominations Committee may seek to interview shortlisted candidates (virtually).

We value and support diversity: Greenpeace Australia Pacific  is an equal opportunity employer and promotes an environment that actively seeks to include, welcome and value unique contributions of all people. We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and Indigenous peoples from the pacific, people with disability, young people and people from culturally diverse backgrounds to apply for this role.