How your Money is Spent

Greenpeace takes peaceful action for a green and peaceful future. Our effectiveness lies in our unique independence, allowing us to act without fear of financial reprisal. We do not accept funding from governments or corporations; instead we rely on the goodwill and generosity of people like you to continue our vital work.

Greenpeace has shown that life can be preserved by non-violent confrontation and by bearing witness. That is, we believe in accepting responsibility for being aware of an injustice. The Greenpeace ethic is not only to bear witness, but to take action to stop atrocities against the environment.

Peaceful direct action is just one of our tactics. Your financial support will also enable us to:

• Investigate and expose the scientific, financial and political roots of environmental problems;

• Challenge the political and economic power of those who can effect change;

• Inspire and mobilise individuals and communities to take action on environmental issues;

• Publish papers, produce films and photos in an effort to distribute critical information widely; and

• Research and promote environmentally responsible and socially just solutions.

By supporting Greenpeace you will join a worldwide community taking action to achieve positive change. Your donations will not only address local environmental issues, but they will help critical regional and global issues. Just as environmental problems don’t stick to national boundaries, their solutions mustn’t either.