Bequeath a gift to Greenpeace

Your gift will protect our planet and honour your legacy.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – Native american proverb

Did you know that 10% of our campaigns are funded by gifts in Wills? Leaving a gift to Greenpeace in your Will is a very special act of generosity and foresight.


Gifts in Wills allow Greenpeace to protect our natural wonders, invest in long-term environmental campaigns, and seek lasting solutions to the critical issues affecting Australians, communities and wildlife around the world.

Your gift will serve to honour your memory, perpetuate your ideals and enable future generations to protect this fragile earth and all who call it home. Thank you.

Become a Green Guardian

By pledging a gift to Greenpeace in your Will, you will be joining a community of fellow responsible guardians who are committed to ensuring that environmental sustainability is a way of life, both now and in the future.

Upon becoming a Green Guardian you will receive an environmentally friendly document folder that contains a letter from David Ritter our CEO and some lovely post-cards to send to your loved ones.

But more importantly you will be joining a community of like-minded, loyal Greenpeace supporters, who after supporting our work for many years decided to remember their love for the natural world in their Will.

As a member of the Green Guardian family you will be invited to exclusive events, connect with inspiring guest speakers, explore the warehouse where we prepare our amazing actions, visit our office and meet some of our dedicated staff or volunteers. You can also become a Green Guardian Ambassador, share your love for the environment with the rest of Greenpeace supporters and inspire others to to join this growing community.


From taking part to actions to bequeathing a gift to charities, such actions will help build a better future.

Sydney-siders gather outside the Senate Inquiry into Register of Environmental Organisations to defend the tax-deductible status of campaigns that protect the Earth. CEO David Ritter gives evidence earlier to defend the independence of environment groups.

Options to bequeath a gift

Although there are many ways to include Greenpeace in your Will, three of the easiest options to leave a bequest are:

  1. A Percentage: This is often regarded as the most flexible way to give as you don’t have to adjust the value of your gift to account for inflation, or changes to your total assets.
  2. The Residue: This is a gift of whatever is left in your Estate, after you have taken care of your loved ones.
  3. Fixed Amount: Leaving a specific sum; this type of bequest may need to be changed over the years to account for inflation and changes to your circumstances.


A gift to Greenpeace in your will could help finance future actions to protect the environment.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific climbers have taken to the flagpoles outside the Parliament House in Canberra to send a message to new Prime Minister Scott Morrison as he returns for the first day in parliament since taking over as leader of the country.

Will sample wording

To ensure your wishes are met, it is advisable to seek legal advice when preparing your Will.

Please note: it is important to use our full legal name – Greenpeace Australia Pacific Ltd.

“I give to Greenpeace Australia Pacific Ltd, ABN 61 002 643 852,

Option A: ……% of my estate

Option B: the rest and residue of my estate (or …% of the residue)

Option C: the sum of $…… (nominated gift amount)

for its general purposes free of all duties and taxes payable upon or in consequence of my death, and I declare that the receipt of its Chief Executive, Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.”

If you already have a Will you can easily add a “Codicil” to it: An addition or supplement that explains, modifies, or revokes a will or part of one.


A bequest means protecting what we cherish, from our family to the wildlife that surrounds us.

Download our Bequest Brochure

However, if you have already included Greenpeace in your Will, or are considering doing so, please let us know so that we can thank you properly.

Letting Greenpeace know of your planned gift allows us to thank you properly, to make sure you are a part of our Green Guardians community and also gives you the opportunity to discuss your wishes with us.

We would be delighted to meet with you, if you wish, to tell you more about our campaigns and to talk through any ideas you may have

For a confidential discussion about how you can help leave a healthy and green future by remembering Greenpeace in your Will, please contact me. 


    Alexis Escavy

    Gifts in Wills Coordinator

    Phone: 1800 815 151 

    Email: [email protected]