The Greenpeace Prawn Guide

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The Greenpeace Prawn Guide

The Australian prawn market will never be the same. The 2015 Greenpeace prawn guide, which ranked prawns based on how sustainably and ethically they were sourced, helped inform thousands of Australians on countless prawn purchases over the years.

Companies have taken notice of the guide and its effects demand over the years, and through the combination of this and other pressures, many have changed their farming practices.

Due to this change together we achieved what we set to. It was time to retire the well loved prawn guide.

Our guides are fully funded by people like you and together in changing the industry, we have achieved a huge win for our environment. Due to this change, our well loved prawn guide is now out of date and no longer available.

While this success is good news, there are still prawns in our supermarkets that have not been farmed in the most sustainable and ethical ways. We are keen to keep producing awesome content that can create positive change, however, they can take a lot of work and can be expensive to produce.

Can you chip in to help us produce top quality, engaging and impactful content?

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