Fossil fuel giant Woodside wants to drill for climate-wrecking gas in Western Australia’s pristine oceans -home to already vulnerable whales, turtles, sharks and corals

Together, we can stop Scarborough Gas.

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The risks of deep-sea gas drilling are too great

Woodside's Burrup Hub gas project is the most climate-polluting project currently proposed in Australia. If there's an accident, it could impact seven different marine parks and protected areas, each home to thousands of whales, sharks, turtles, fish and corals.

Blasting Thumnail

Seismic blasting deafens whales


Gas leaks and spills poison marine life

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Toxic gas fuels climate change

Woodside can't be trusted

Woodside are hurtling towards an environmental disaster, and we have to act now

  • Woodside hid a huge oil spill1 for months2

  • They tried to abandon 400 tonnes of plastic on the seafloor3

  • They're trying to get out of paying for a clean up bill of $290M4

  • They tried to sink5 an 83M long underwater moring, just outside a Marine Park

  • They forced WA Government6 to abandon emission rules, allowing unlimited pollution

Greenpeace won’t stop fighting for our planet

Coal, oil, and gas mining projects are destroying nature and ruining lives. but together we are working to take down Australia's biggest polluters. We have a long history of winning campaigns and won’t stop fighting until we have stopped Woodside’s toxic gas expansion plans.

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Saved the Bight

In 2020, after a relentless campaign, the Norwegian oil giant Equinor withdrew its plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. This comes after Chevron and BP also withdrew their plans thanks to the pressure from Greenpeace and local communities.


Exposed dirty power

In 2019 we uncovered the federal government’s shocking vested interests in the coal industry, which has stifled effective and necessary action to fight climate change.

Turtle Plastic

Ended single use plastic bags

In 2018, Australia's two major supermarkets Coles and Woolworths committed to phasing out single-use plastic bags and made further commitments to reducing plastic in their supply chains.

Help Stop Woodside’s Burrup Hub

Donations from people like you can fund our expert investigations into the scale of damage that the Burrup Hub would cause.
With your help, Greenpeace can create a loud and public campaign convincing investors, staff, and the general public to put pressure on Woodside to stop the Burrup Hub project from being completed. We will pursue every legal and regulatory avenue possible to stop Woodside’s projects.

Renewable energy is already powering the country, there is just no need for new gas. Together, we can run a powerful campaign to protect whales, turtles, corals, and our climate from Woodside’s exploitation so that Australia’s environment can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Donating regularly is the most effective way to support our campaign to:

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  • Allow Greenpeace to remain fiercely independent in our investigations. 
  • Ensure we can respond quickly to environmental news and strategic campaign moments to win.



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