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Help stop destructive deep sea mining before it starts.

Life underwater would be irreversibly harmed by deep sea mining. Time is running out, donate now.

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The future of our oceans is at risk

From whale habitats to rare ocean ecosystems, deep sea mining on top of existing threats will have devastating consequences. The clock is ticking.

Mining companies like The Metals Company are trying to rush through dangerous proposals to scrape up the ocean floor. Mining here is a disaster waiting to happen.

This is our once-in-a-generation chance to stop a destructive and extractive industry before it starts and to protect whales and other marine life from the devastating impacts of deep sea mining.

The countdown is on to a decision on deep sea destruction when The Metals Company could get the go ahead in July 2024.

With your support, we can ramp up pressure, hold governments to account and guarantee protection for our deep oceans.

Your support will help protect the future of biodiversity and the wellbeing of sea life. Please donate now.

Countdown to a crucial decision on Deep Sea Mining


Mining companies are rushing to get the green light

Mining companies are rushing to get the green light

The Metals Company was granted license to begin exploring the deep sea through dodgy subsidiary arrangements. Now they're trying to rush plans via legal loopholes to begin large-scale extraction of the deep sea bed. The Metals Company has tried to greenwash their operation by claiming it is necessary to produce batteries. This is false, and we cannot let the mistakes of land-based mining be repeated.

Greenpeace exposed The Metals Company discharging waste directly into the ocean during mining tests in 2022. The tests meant to be used as evidence for deep-sea mining approval had data quality problems, rendering them unsuitable for greenlighting mining.

Undeterred, The Metals Company is pushing ahead to get the greenlight at the global International Seabed Authority (ISA) meeting which could happen as early as July 2024.

Deep sea mining would risk our ocean marine life, ecosystem balance and human lives and livelihoods for an unnecessary profit grab by mining companies. We can’t let this destructive industry get started.

Our deep oceans are vital to all life

Deep sea mining would put biodiversity of the deep sea at risk, from diving whales and turtles to Yeti crabs and sea pangolins. The deep seafloor itself teems with life—a mysterious living world we are only just beginning to understand. 

Deep sea mining puts all of these creatures and more at risk. Life is worth more than mining profits.  Each day we learn more about the importance of the deep sea in regulating Earth’s climate. 

Deep sediment layers of the seabed store vast amounts of 'blue carbon', absorbed by large mammals like whales and sequestered at the ocean floor when they die. 

Climate scientists have discovered that 90% of the excess heat and approximately 38% of the carbon dioxide generated by humanity is stored in the deep sea. A healthy ocean is our best ally in the fight against the climate crisis and digging up the seabed could unleash dire consequences.

Deep sea mining puts all of these creatures and more at risk. 
Life is worth more than mining profits.

"Let’s not repeat our mistakes and let this risky industry get a grip on our deep seas. With the nature and climate crises that we are facing, the stakes are simply too high."

Louisa Casson Deep Sea Mining Campaign Lead, Greenpeace International

Louisa Casson
Deep Sea Mining Campaign Lead, Greenpeace International

Help stop Deep Sea Mining before it starts. Donate now.

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