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Big News!
We’ve got a boat.
Help get it ready for action.

Greenpeace ships are on the frontlines, documenting wildlife under threat, bearing witness to environmental destruction and taking direct action.

Now, for the first time ever, we’ll have a dedicated campaigning vessel for our region to fight to defend the incredible oceans of Australia and the Pacific from the urgent threats facing them.

Your support will help refit, equip and crew our vessel, turning it into a powerful force for change on the high seas. Donate now to be a part of this historic mission.

In making a donation to Greenpeace Australia Pacific, you will be providing us with your personal information. We may use your information to enable us to process your donation, communicate with you about your donation and inform you about our campaigns. Your information is safe and secure with us – for more information please see our Participant Collection Notice and Privacy Policy.

Our oceans are at risk. We’re taking action where it counts.

To help protect the oceans we love in Australia and around the Pacific, we'll have to sail them.

For 50 years, our global fleet of ships has enabled Greenpeace to campaign in dangerous conditions and stop the slaughter of whales and expose the destruction of ocean habitats.

Our new boat was made possible with the generous donation of supporters who are concerned about the increasing impacts and threats of fossil fuel mining and pollution in our region. They believe in Greenpeace's strategy to help protect our precious marine life and ecosystems with enhanced at-sea capabilities.
Now YOU can help us get our boat ready for action.

Together, we can stop deep sea mining in the Pacific before it even starts and prevent Australia’s biggest climate threat - Woodside from setting off a carbon bomb in Western Australia as they mine for gas in endangered whale habitat. Together, we can create the very first marine protected area in our region in the South Tasman Sea as part of a historic Global Oceans Treaty.

We are stronger together, our new boat adds to our power to bear witness, conduct research, and connect us all deeper with our ocean home. Will you get onboard and join us?

Help turn our
new boat...







into a
fit for purpose
campaigning vessel

Meet our new boat

Help get Greenpeace Australia Pacific's first-ever ocean campaigning vessel ready for action

“The boat gives us the capacity we’ve never had before.”

"All the bad things that are happening to the ocean, are happening out where they think no one’s paying attention. Direct action is about being there where the bad thing is happening – at sea. 

Whether it’s to disrupt or it’s to bear witness and film it to show the world what’s going on, you’ve got to be there. 

This boat is an extraordinary response to an extraordinary time."

– Chris Hay, Head of Field Operations, Greenpeace Australia Pacific





Meet the crew


Captain Daniel


Hi, I’m Daniel and I’m the captain of Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s new campaigning vessel. I’ve been at Greenpeace for nearly 30 years. I first worked on the Rainbow Warrior II as a volunteer, then later I worked as a chief mate, and eventually became captain.

The oceans connect everyone. Whatever you're doing here in Australia, that could affect the waters of South America or Antarctica. With our boat we now have the chance to campaign further out at sea. We can reach more communities, we can campaign in locations we’ve never been to before.

This vessel doesn't just belong to Greenpeace Australia Pacific – it belongs to the people, too. Because we all want to live on a healthy Earth and in a safe climate.




Hey, I'm Georgie! I'm currently the Operations Coordinator at Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

I've been sailing for 20 years. At the age of 15, following my participation in a sailing world championship in Israel/Palestine, where I was confronted and deeply affected by the pervasive militarisation of our world, I knew I needed to dedicate my life to the creation of a life-sustaining society.

Flash forward to today, and 15-year-old me is beyond stoked to be part of the Greenpeace Australia Pacific crew, tackling some of the biggest issues facing our Earth today. I am overjoyed that we have a dedicated campaigning vessel in our home waters because there is so much to bear witness to, from Pacific climate impacts, to destructive fossil fuel projects, we will be there.




I’m Sarah, and I'm a Project Manager at Greenpeace Australia Pacific. I’ve been working for Greenpeace for nearly 5 years.

I worked in environmental science previously, but I wanted to put myself on the frontline of ocean protection, which is what drew me to Greenpeace.

We’re living in a pivotal time of ocean protection. We have the chance to stop deep sea mining before it starts, AND get a Global Ocean Treaty approved and taking effect.

This is why I’m so excited that we now have our own vessel – it means we can easily go out to sea to take direct action, conduct research, bear witness to environmental harm, and show the world firsthand what’s happening in our oceans.




Hi, I'm Joe! I'm the Actions Assistant and Warehouse Manager at Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

I started sailing as a kid in lasers on the Hawkesbury, and since then I've had some truly magnificent experiences sailing across Australia and the Pacific on the Rainbow Warrior. I also helped deliver our new boat home to Australia and got to feel first hand the huge potential for action, research, campaigning and change that this vessel will bring. 

I'm most looking forward to using the boat for direct action. Greenpeace is one of the few environmental organisations in Australia that takes direct action, and now we are uniquely placed to get hundreds of kilometres out to sea and disrupt environmental destruction.

How you can


Help us get ship-shape

Now that we have this incredible boat, we need to get it ready to campaign against destructive corporations putting our oceans at risk.

You can help get this incredible new blue water sailing vessel ready to protect the oceans around Australia and the Pacific.

Internal Refit

Create a campaigning office and capacity to sleep up to 15 crew during intensive actions at sea

Communications Technology

Enable fast upload of video evidence to anywhere in the world and live connectivity with our crew and media on land

Direct Action capability

Increase capacity for small craft carried on board needed for specific tactics and manoeuvres during direct actions

Install Solar

To ensure we're able to run on 100% clean energy from the wind and the sun