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Climate change is impacting Arctic wildlife. Our burning of fossil fuels is changing the climate and hurting people, animals and the environment that depend on it. The Arctic is melting, we have to act now.

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From melting Arctic ice, to out of control bushfires and habitat loss, the survival of the world's animals has never been more threatened. Donate today and help fund the fight for the protection of their precious habitats so that vulnerable animals have a fighting chance. 

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Help create awareness about the threats amazing animals like arctic  foxes are facing right now.

Help fund the vital work of our ships and crew as they journey to the most remote corners of the world.

Help expose and oppose the oil companies that seek to profit from exploiting Arctic waters.

Help us protect the Arctic

What shape is the Arctic in today

We have lost 75% of the Arctic summer sea ice volume - and the Arctic is now warming twice as fast as the rest of the world.

How sea ice melting impacts us

Because of global warming, the Arctic sea ice is creating a tremendous ripple effect, here are some of the main consequences:

It speeds up global warming:

Arctic sea reflects sunlight, preventing some of the warming through the sun. As the ice melts, darker oceans that replace the white ice and absorb more heat from the sun, creating a vicious warming cycle.

It creates severe weather:

The sea ice also limits the amount of moisture entering our atmosphere. As the ice melts, the air becomes more humid making extreme weather events more common.

It raises sea levels:

According to scientists, melting Arctic ice contributes to sea level rise, threatening to submerge small island countries as well as flood large costal cities.

Oil companies are racing to exploit Arctic oil 

Oil companies are ready to exploit the newly uncovered oil deposits below the newly melted Arctic ice. Big companies like Exxon Mobil are racing to exploit Arctic oil resources, putting the global climate at greater risk as well as local ecosystems.

Drilling means spilling

The only way to guarantee no that no oil spills in the Arctic is to keep oil in the ground. The Arctic has a greater risk of oil spills than other areas, mainly due to its topography and tricky weather conditions. On top of this, response to an inevitable oil spill would be difficult due to the remote and rugged  nature of the region. 

What if they do drill?

Aside from the devastating effect an oil spill in the arctic would have on the region, the oil that is burned would contribute towards climate change at a time where we need to be doing everything we can to decrease our emissions.  

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