We're taking Arctic Oil to court.

For the first time in 20 years the Norwegian government is opening up a new oil frontier in the pristine Arctic.

Burning fossil fuels accelerates dangerous climate change and puts people, homes and the environment at risk. When politicians put oil before people, they need to be held accountable.

Winning this case would be a massive blow to the expansion of the oil industry all over the world - so we need you on our side when they fight back.

Please support this historic court case. Here's how your generous gift can help:

  • Keeping millions of barrels of polluting oil in the ground, where it belongs.
  • Increasing the pressure on politicians who are putting oil and profit before people and the planet
  • Contributing to legal fees and accommodation for our climate warriors who are attending the hearing.

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Donate $30

Which could help pay for videos, podcasts and stunning photography to share this historic event with the world.

Donate $60

Which could go towards lawyer fees to ensure we have the best legal team of international experts working with the case.

Donate $150

Which could provide walkie talkies, maps and first aid kits to ensure that our crew can operate safely at sea.

Why we need your help

To make sure we stay independent and keep speaking out for our planet, we don’t accept any funding from governments or corporations – which means we really do rely on the amazing support from people like you.

In return, we promise to use your generous gifts to:

  • Investigate and bear witness to environmental destruction.
  • Take action to expose issues in creative and non-violent ways.
  • Develop and champion green and just solutions to these issues.
  • Challenge our political and economic leaders to drive change.
  • Inspire people to join you in taking action to protect our planet.

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