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We need your support to push corporations across Australia to transition to 100% renewable energy and create future-proof jobs.

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Right now, big companies are powering back up after hitting the pause button during COVID-19, and with that comes their carbon footprint.

Big businesses - like Coles, Woolworths and Optus - use 70% of all electricity in Australia, which currently is mostly powered by polluting coal.

But these companies have a huge potential to make good decisions right now and build back better by putting Australia on the path to 100% renewable energy.

Will you donate today to help us push big businesses to switch to 100% renewable energy?

Corporations use 70% of Australia's electricity

100% Renewable is 100% Doable

If big companies switch to 100% renewable energy, we can power a cleaner, safer future for all Australians.  


Will help create resources to engage with staff from target companies about the urgent need to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2025.


Will help train campaigners and volunteers who will make sure our voices and demands are heard by these big energy users.


Will kickstart a targeted digital campaign to push target companies to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Your donation will help lead a clean energy future

Switching corporations will have a BIG impact 

Cut carbon emissions

If just three of Australia’s big businesses were powered by 100% renewable energy, they would cut almost 17 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

Coal is dirty, expensive and unreliable. As global demand for coal and oil falls, and wind and solar farms are cheaper to build, we need to make the switch.

Build a resilient, sustainable economy

Ensure stable job creation

Investing in renewable energy has the potential to create over 44,000 jobs by 2025. Renewables offer long-term job security and opportunities for Australians.

Coal and oil is in the past. 

100% renewable is 100% doable

Your ongoing support helps Greenpeace:

  • Provide long-term campaign planning
  • Remain fiercely independent and unbiased
  • Reduce our long term administration costs
  • Respond to environmental emergencies quickly

What you get as a regular supporter:

  • Regular updates on what's happening in our priority campaigns 
  • Invitations to events and other exciting opportunities to take action
  • Awesome content from collaborations with top artists and performers
  • Peace of mind knowing you are part of the global Greenpeace community taking action to achieve positive environmental change.

Why give regularly?

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