WTF? Japan’s Finance Minister on whaling

24 February 2009

Last week the Japanese Finance Minister, Shoichi Nakagawa, was forced to announce his resignation after a terrible appearance at the G7 talks in Rome.

Although he claimed that his behaviour was due to an overdose of cold and flu medication, Nakagawa is known for enjoying a few too many. This latest display was the final straw for a government that is rock-bottom in the polls.

This satirical video shows what Nakagawa might have revealed about Japan’s whaling policy if a journalist had taken advantage of his inebriated state.

Please note that some of the content may offend as it includes coarse language.

The waste of taxpayers’ money on the whaling program is one of the main rallying points for opposition to whaling in Japan. Greenpeace has been particularly active in Japan, exposing wasted funds that are propping up an industry in terminal decline.

In fact, the Greenpeace campaign to expose corruption and waste in the whaling industry has been so successful that two of our activists have been arrested and face trial. Read more