Why I joined the Sydney Walk Against Warming

16 November 2008

waw1.jpgThe 2008 Walk Against Warming in Sydney was a fantastic experience. I walked because I believe we all need to act together to ensure a clean, green future for ourselves and all future generations. I was moved to see so many people and various organisation there showing solidarity for the climate movement. I was especially moved by the number of young people who were actively engaged in the movement, and children expressing their desire for healthy and sustainable future. In my excitement I spoke to lots of people in the crowd and had responses ranging from care for the future, showing solidarity concerning the need for change to the government, and the most common response… for our children. Even though the day started out rainy and cloudy, thousands rallied their support for the climate movement. Let’s hope the government registers our solidarity and takes a strong stand on reducing emissions, and providing for a clean, green, and healthy future. Because as Maria from the Pacific island of Kiribati said (to thunderous applause) “this is not a financial issues, it is a human rights issue”. Michelle Engelsman, Greenpeace Australia Pacific