What is what in the 2008 climate debate?

19 December 2007

  • In last year’s federal budget, over $10 billion of taxpayers’ money was used to subsidise the fossil fuel industry. The May budget will show whether the new government is serious about climate change action. Stay tuned for how you can get involved.
  • There are proposals to build new coal power stations in most states. Will the federal government intervene and join the New Zealand government in banning new fossil fuel power stations?
  • Which of the oldest and dirtiest power stations will we close down first? Greenpeace took action at Munmorah power station in NSW to show what real climate action looks like. We want to see a timetable for cutting energy demand and replacing coal with renewable energy;
  • The new Government is waiting for the “Garnaut Report” which is due out in late June. This will provide the economic case for climate action. We don’t think we need more reports – we need action now!
  • The Garnaut report will drive the big debate about emissions trading. This will put most people to sleep through its complexity and arcane economic logic. Emissions trading will only be useful if it means that real world greenhouse pollution goes down – this means no new coal plants and a phase out of old dirty power stations. Anything else is just more hot air.
  • We need to start managing the transition from coal to clean energy. This means supporting green job creation in coal dependent communities like the Hunter and Latrobe valleys, and the Bowen Basin in Qld. We could help fund this by putting a levy on coal exports. $100 per tonne is probably a good place to start and would help make the coal industry pay for the damage their product causes.