We Painted the Town White

23 June 2016

On the shortest night of the year, under a full moon, volunteers across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane braved the night to change the ads in bus, train, and tram stops. The new image shows the Australian public the devastating impacts the coal industry has on the Great Barrier Reef. They painted the town white, just like the coal industry has done to the reef.


Syd bus stop 6 PDanis (1)


The bleached ads can be seen right throughout these major cities, like by Wynyard Station in Sydney. (Pictured below)

Syd bus 1 - PDanis (1)-1

Or, by the iconic Flinders Street Station in Melbourne…

Melb bus 1 (1)

Even in Brisbane Square

Bris bus 2 (1)

We hope these signs reach as many people as possible. So on your route to work tomorrow, make sure you look out for these awesome images. It’s so important that we stand up against the coal industry and the government that allows them to destroy the Great Barrier Reef. Please join us in sending a strong message to the next Government that we’re voting to save the Reef. #BleachedAds

Melb bus 3 (1)-1