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by Greenpeace Australia Pacific

15 October 2018

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I’m absolutely gutted by the Australian Government’s anti-science response to last week’s landmark United Nations report on what we need to do to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Australia’s Environment Minister, Melissa Price, flat-out rejected the advice of the world’s leading climate scientists to phase out coal. They don’t seem to be taking this very seriously, do they? Their actions value a toxic black rock over our lives.

Over 12,000 people like you have already demanded a plan from Scott Morrison to end coal – and the pressure is building. The government’s fragile defence of coal is being criticised all over the world – by world leaders, climate scientists and business people like Richard Branson!

The longer we allow politicians to delay, the harder and more unfair this transition will be on everyone. Here in the Pacific, that transition cannot come soon enough.


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Greenpeace Australia Pacific

By Greenpeace Australia Pacific

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