Meet Una Lutuilakeba, one of our amazing Pacific volunteers

15 June 2011

Unaisi Lutuilakeba (Una) has volunteered with Greenpeace for two years. Originally from Moce on the island of Lau, she volunteers with Greenpeace in Suva, Fiji.

How did you start volunteering with Greenpeace?
I started volunteering with Greenpeace after I heard about it when I joined them two years ago.

What do you do?
I am a volunteer in the Suva office working at the front desk as a receptionist. This includes answering phones, handling mail, greeting guests and registering interested new volunteers in Fiji. I also volunteer in the Local Activist Group.

Why do you volunteer with Greenpeace?
I volunteer with Greenpeace because I strongly believe that the work they are doing will have a positive impact on our dying world today. There have been many highlights from my time as a volunteer.

Do you do other things that have a positive impact on the environment?

Yes I do. I am conscious of the type of food I eat and I am very much an energy saver!

What do you most enjoy about volunteering with Greenpeace in Fiji?

I most enjoy the lots of teamwork.

What’s the most important environmental issue for you and why?
The most important environmental issue for me today is the pollution of our land and sea environment. This will bring more and more harm to our next generation and even our world today.

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