There Comes A Time When We Have To Act

10 June 2009

How far would you go for what’s right? Would you risk arrest? How high you would climb to save a planet?

In 2007, six volunteer activists scaled a 220-metre chimney at a UK coal power station to protest against government plans to build new coal plants. If the action wasn’t breathtaking enough (vertigo sufferers be warned), a landmark court case followed, with supporting testimony by the world’s leading climate scientist, Dr James Hansen of NASA. The New York Times listed the defence of “lawful excuse” as one of the ideas that defined 2008.

Inspired by their story, internationally acclaimed director Nick Broomfield made a 20-minute film celebrating the spirit of direct action. A Time Comes (Bright Green Pictures) follows the protest of the Kingsnorth Six and the court case that made history.

>> Watch the full movie [20 mins]