The cinema ad BP doesn’t want you to see…

30 September 2016

Let's face it. BP is going to hate this... With Hollywood blockbuster Deepwater Horizon set to hit Australian cinemas next week, we've produced a trailer for the truth.


With the support of people like you, now we’re going to take it to the big screens!

Check out our biting trailer above that puts BP’s track record in the spotlight – just as it’s trying to convince Australian authorities, and the public, to set them loose on the Great Australian Bight.

Australia’s national oil regulator, NOPSEMA, has just delayed a decision on BP’s licence to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight… for the third time. It’s clear that BP’s plans are just too dangerous to be approved.

The timing of this couldn’t be worse for BP. Next week, the Hollywood blockbuster Deepwater Horizon debuts in Australian cinemas. It’s based on the true story of one of the worst oil spills in history – the disaster BP caused in the US, and could cause again right here.

That’s why we’ve pulled together this biting new ad to appear at screenings of Deepwater Horizon right across the country. If we strike now, our movement can keep BP’s track record in the spotlight right as it’s trying to convince Australian authorities, and the public, to set them loose on the Bight.

Deepwater Horizon is the Hollywood action flick BP really doesn’t want you to see.

Investigations have found the Deepwater Horizon spill amounted to the worst environmental disaster in US history, the deaths of 11 workers, and billions in damage not because it was unlucky, but because it was greedy and cut corners.

Later BP spent over US $500 million trying to salvage their image. BP knows that public support and goodwill are key to shareholder confidence, financial investment and cooperative politicians willing to agree to their lucrative tax avoidance deals. But BP is about to find their reputation is impossible to scrub clean.

The only way BP gets to drill the Bight is if Australians hear about it when it’s too late. But if our movement can sound the alarm now, public indignation will quickly follow. It’s step one in a high-pressure, high-profile campaign that will make it impossible for politicians to back BP, no matter what NOPSEMA decides.

Fierce storms battered South Australia yesterday, causing waves over 10 metres and a state-wide blackout. And we’re just hearing that more, and potentially worse, storms are on their way to SA. Our thoughts are with all those affected. These extreme weather events are on the rise. Now more than ever, we need to keep our climate safe, which means keeping polluting fossil fuels like oil in the ground.

Our very own Deepwater oil spill disaster is a horrifying possibility oil NOPSEMA gives BP the green light. Our media buyers are ready. Let’s blow BP’s plans out of the water.