#ShellNo Flotilla: Photos from the Paddle in Seattle

18 May 2015

Did you hear about the Paddle in Seattle over the weekend?


Around 2,000 people gathered to un-welcome Shell’s Arctic drilling rig to Seattle on May 16th! Passionate activists and volunteers took to the water in Seattle in a mass flotilla to say #ShellNo to Arctic drilling.

A truly inspirational spectacle saw people come out in kayaks, canoes, zodiacs, sailing boats — and many more protested from on shore.

Check out the photos from below and take action to protect the precious Arctic from climate change and oil exploration.

There are some places on this Earth that are so important and fragile they should be protected at all costs. The Arctic is one of those places. It may seem far away but the health of the Arctic affects every person on this planet. It acts as the Earth’s heart, regulating our climate and circulating the ocean currents.

Polar bears, walruses and narwhals are struggling to survive in a melting Arctic. Meanwhile oil companies like Shell are rushing in to extract previously inaccessible oil reserves, and coal companies are forging ahead to dramatically increase Australia’s coal production, putting the health of this pristine area at risk.

This weekend’s kayak rally in Seattle marked a giant turning point in the #PeopleVsShell movement.

In this critical moment, the Arctic needs your voice. Become a climate hero — get started today!