Releasing The Clowns

9 December 2008

leah-holding-banner_blog1.jpgI've been a banner bearer in lots of marches back home and always thought the task was a breeze. That is, until I had to hold the lead banner for our delegation at the Global Day of Action on climate change with Steven, my counterpart from the USA. The temperature was minus zero, we couldn't feel our fingers and we had to negotiate cobblestones, tram lines and other demonstrators while ensuring that our message was clear to all. "Stop Clowning Around - Get Serious about Climate Action". The atmosphere here at Freedom Square was intense. We were joined by over 500 youth from around Poland and international youth delegations. Most of us held placards bearing the message "We are serious about climate action". We even got one translated into Fijian! Watch the video of our clowning around below. For the first week of the conference, leaders from annex one countries have been playing "ping pong" and not engaging in negotiations or commiting to reduction targets. This week, the game must end and they must get serious about climate action. >> Take action: We've started projecting your watching faces at the Poznan meeting. Show our leaders you're watching by uploading your image.