Push Kevin Rudd on climate change action

20 November 2008

Crikey.com.au is calling for ideas to mark the anniversary of the Labor Party's victory over Liberal PM John Howard last year. Crikey is taking pithy comments from the public and will select the best and publish them next week in the high-falutin' subscriber-only email. This is a great chance to put the pressure on Rudd to actually DO something that lowers emissions and switches to clean energy, not just create policies to inflate costs to alter prices to encourage action some time in 2010... Read the Crikey brief and have your say, straight into the in-boxes of all those important journalists, advisors and pontificaters:
Monday is the first anniversary of the 2007 election, a year since Kevin Rudd was elected Prime Minister. What has that meant to you, dear Crikey reader? What have been your impressions of this first year of the post-Howard era? Let us know. Has your sense of the country changed? Has Kevin healed -- a la Obama--- the national soul? Is he a policy dud, all talk and no action? Has he delivered what you thought he might? Are you sick of him already? We're keen to have your views. Send closely reasoned, tightly expressed contributions to [email protected] with "Kevin07" in the subject field. We'll publish as many as we dare through next week
Danish windfarm at Nysted, which puts out 160 MW Photo: Danish windfarm at Nysted, which puts out 160 MW Here are a few ideas from the USA to get the ideas flowing:
  • Proposals for Obama to make urgent environmental shifts as soon as he is elected:
  1. An Energy Security Council headed by Al Gore (who has already declined): read more
  2. The easy, immediate, legislative roll-backs of the anti-environment legacy of the prior administration: read more
Enjoy!! PS: Copy your Crikey submission as a reply to this post and let everyone read it!