Poznan day 8: Forests Are More Than Just Carbon Sticks

8 December 2008

Paul Winn, our climate and forests campaigner, is in Poznan to talk about the Greenpeace Forests for Climate proposal. The world's forests are more than just carbon sticks and a market offset approach won't do much to ensure real emissions reductions to help avert catastrophic climate change. Greenpeace proposes a solution that addresses the need to reduce global greenhouse emissions (not just from deforestation but also from industrialised countries) and also promotes a fund that would include equity in addressing biodiversity and social issues. Hear Paul talking about the Greenpeace proposal (also available on SBS's The Environment Show blog post). You might also want to check out the latest report, Preserving Paradise, which shows that Papua New Guinea’s forests have a vital role to play in stopping dangerous climate change while earning billions of dollars from carbon funding.