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  • May 3rd: can I count on you?

    23 April 2019
    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

    My name is Oscar Alateras, I am a member of the School Strike 4 Climate movement and I have a message for each and every individual. In Australia, we have confirmed May 3rd as our next national immobilisation for climate action. We are calling it the National Day of Action.

  • NSW election result: the Libs on notice

    28 March 2019

    The NSW Coalition have been returned to government on a reduced, paper-thin majority. While it might not be the best possible result for our climate, there is a clear message here for both the Berejiklian and Federal governments: you are on notice, and climate inaction will lose you votes.

  • NSW votes: our analysis as the Libs are put on notice

    25 March 2019

    The Berejiklian government has been put on notice, and the lesson for them and Scott Morrison is clear; climate inaction will lose you votes. With most of the votes counted the Berejiklian Government appears set to return to power, albeit with a wafer thin, one-seat majority.

  • Our spin-busting guide to the 2019 NSW election

    19 March 2019
    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

    The NSW election is here and our state faces a critical choice. Read our no-nonsense election guide to help you cut through the spin and understand where the parties stand on climate action. Then share this page with as many people as you can so voters know what's at stake when they go to the polls on Saturday.