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  • Looking for Griffin

    19 May 2023

    We set off at 7am, a little after sunrise. The waters were surprisingly calm - unlike my stomach, which was churning with excitement. We were looking for something no one had seen for a decade: a massive riser turret mooring, the size of an apartment block. For 25 years, it had been used to exploit an oil and gas field off the coast of Western Australia.

  • Ningaloo Reef is a World Heritage treasure

    17 May 2023

    The whale shark, the world’s biggest fish, is what draws people to UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Marine Park. These gentle giants congregate at Ningaloo, nestled on the Western Australian coastline near Exmouth, between March and August each year, thrilling thousands of visitors and fuelling the area’s booming tourism industry.

  • Welcome to Shark Bay

    10 May 2023

    Shark Bay, located at the most westerly point of Australia, is one of a handful of marine World Heritage sites across the globe. It’s home to some of the planet’s most extraordinary creatures, including the oldest lifeforms on Earth, as well as dugongs, turtles and, of course, sharks.

  • The Abrolhos Islands: Coral Refuge

    5 May 2023

    Often described as the Galapagos Islands of the Indian Ocean, there are few places in Australia wilder than the remote Houtman Abrolhos Islands, a marine archipelago of 210 islands off the coast of Geraldton, Western Australia.

  • Whale Spotting in Perth Canyon with Dr Olaf Meynecke

    5 May 2023

    Most tourists who visit Perth make it out to Rottnest Island to visit the cute quokkas and marvel at the island’s lonely wind turbine, which once attracted the wrath of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. But just beyond Rottnest lies a much less-explored region - Perth Canyon, one of the best places in the world to spot the endangered blue whale, the largest animal on the planet.

  • Meet Emma from School Strike 4 Climate

    5 May 2023

    We spoke with Emma from School Strike 4 Climate on Thursday when she visited the Rainbow Warrior in Fremantle during its Whales Not Woodside Ship Tour to learn more about how she became involved in climate activism, what motivates her, and get her thoughts on Meg O’Neil and Woodside’s Burrup Hub gas expansion.

  • Greenpeace and the end of whaling in Albany

    4 May 2023
    Sophia Fowler

    The end of whaling in Albany marked a turning point in the fight to protect whales from extinction. In the 1970s, the greatest threat to whales was whaling. Now the greatest threat comes from fossil fuel companies like Woodside who are driving dangerous climate change.

  • EV Myths Busted

    14 April 2023
    Sophia Fowler

    Have you noticed that electric vehicles are not just hitting the roads faster than ever, but misinformation about them is also spreading like wildfire?