One TV set’s journey from London to Lagos

20 February 2009

What happens when you do the right thing and put your old, broken TV set and other electrical appliances out for recycling? Hopefully not what happened with this TV set that Greenpeace tracked. Rather than being recycled, it found its way, along with hundreds of others, en route to Lagos, Nigeria in a shipping container.

It’s not the first. Sadly, electronic waste still gets dumped in places like Nigeria. This recent Greenpeace investigation, which followed a TV set’s journey from London to Lagos using tracking technology, shows just how widespread the problem is. The TV’s journey is documented in this photostory narrated by Stan. “They reckon between 10 and 15 containers arrived daily from Europe and Asia full of second-hand TVs and waste electronic equipment,” says Stan.

When you see the pictures in the story – images of city streets and rooftops cluttered with the carcass remains of televisions and stereos – you wonder about the logic. What are the chances of Nigeria having better recycling technologies than the UK? Pretty slim, I’d say.

See for yourself.