Millions of eyes are on the Reef

17 June 2015

The Great Barrier Reef is priceless for so many reasons. It's millions of years old, it's the world's largest reef ecosystem, and it's home to more plants and animals than any other ecosystem. What is not to love about The Great Barrier Reef?


But if people from all around the world don’t come together, destructive plans for coal port expansion could seal the fate of the Great Barrier Reef for good. Right now, we need millions of eyes on the Reef – and to do it, we’re getting a little help from our big name friends.

The Greenpeace community has taken a stand for the Reef and standing right beside us are:

From all of us here at Greenpeace: thank you for your support and helping us spread our message. We don’t have the billions of dollars of money for lobbying and advertising that the coal industry do – but we do have something else we consider priceless. More valuable than all their riches is the power of passionate individuals. Real people power can bring global attention our Reef, and help save it for good.

We only have a few days before UNESCO will decide whether to keep their eyes on the Great Barrier Reef. We have to work together. Don’t look away. Act for the Great Barrier Reef now.