From Cronulla to the Kimberley

20 May 2012

Last week, treasured Australian writer Tim Winton delivered this powerful speech (read the full transcript here) to parliament in Canberra calling for protection of our vital oceans.

While oceans give us life, we plunder them of fish and choke them with pollution. To cure our oceans crisis we need to create large areas of marine reserves, similar to national parks on land.

Greenpeace is a member of some great alliances that are working to protect precious areas of Australia’s ocean territory from Cronulla to the Kimberly.

“FROM the windswept West Australian coast, the best-selling author Tim Winton landed in landlocked Canberra… …to fight for the oceans.” The Age, 10 May 2012

Listen to Tim Winton’s speech here…

Tim Wintons powerful speech to parliament (c) Copyright Tim Winton. Used by permission of the author. All rights reserved.