Finding inspiration at the Perth Walk Against Warming

16 November 2008

waw-cottesloe-beach.jpgAs I sat waiting for the train wearing my 'vintage' 2006 WAW T-shirt, two ladies came and sat by me and said, "So you're going to the walk too?"  I certainly was, I replied, and asked them why they were going. "Because we have to do something!" said one. "I voted the Rudd government in and all he's done is sign the Kyoto Protocol." "Not enough!" stressed the other. "And you?" they asked. "All of the above," I replied. pseudo-capitalists.jpgWe reached Cottesloe Beach and, by the time the speeches kicked off, there were 1500 of us gathered on the grassy banks in the shade. The speeches were mildly disrupted by a group of "pseudo-capitalists" who chanted slogans such as "Bring on the endless summer" and "Profits before people" as they marched through the crowds in their "business suits". The speakers were inspiring, the main theme being to maintain the political pressure. "Take action, write to your MPs, join a group, several groups, get others to join groups, hold WAW tea parties, inspire others but DO SOMETHING!" Quotes of the day? The Cottesloe mayor, Kevin Morgan: "Doing nothing is not an option" Greens senator, Scott Ludlum's warning: "We're in trouble, huge trouble" and his hope for the future: "If we spread the word this time next year we could be celebrating a moratorium on the fossil fuel industry!" Labor Senator, Louise Pratt: "I encourage you to continue activism. It's the most important point that can be made to you today." If the positive response from the crowd was anything to go by, perhaps next year we will have something to celebrate. Janet Grogan, Perth