4 January 2018

Inspired by her passion for underwater photography, photographer and designer Sophie Robertson has a fierce determination to help protect Australia’s unique coastline, from the Great Barrier Reef all the way to the Great Australian Bight.

That is why she designed a series of beautiful scarves to help us spread the word about the need to protect these incredible ecosystems.


Relocating to Australia after studying Fashion Photography in the UK, Sophie developed a passion for underwater photography while living on a boat in Cairns and diving daily on the Great Barrier Reef. From there, she says, it felt like a natural transition to bring underwater images into a fashion context; ‘the scarves have a fluidity that matches the print, so for me they are a perfect match.’

Sophie’s goal is to help raise public awareness over the destruction of our coastline by making environmental issues fashionable. Reflecting on how empowering it is to know our own daily choices can make an important impact on the environment, Sophie is all about giving consumers more choices that are environmentally positive; both in their creation and the message they portray. Read more about Sophie and what drives her activism in this interview.

Collaborating with Greenpeace, Sophie has combined her talent for design and passion for activism to transpose campaign photography into a series of beautiful scarves to help us spread the word. Capturing the loss of the Great Barrier Reef to climate change and the raw beauty of the Great Australian Bight that is threatened by oil drilling, Sophie’s scarves are helping to raise awareness for our vital campaigns to save our fragile ecosystems.

Each scarf is a call for action – they are activism in art form. As Sophie says, Australians are more aware than most about the environment because we live a lifestyle that is more connected to nature, but there is always more to do.

Head to to check out the scarves, and join us in saving the Reef and the Bight. You can sign Sophie’s petitions, learn more about Greenpeace campaigns and see how Sophie has fused fashion with politics – it’s a killer combination!