Coal is a great mate. Look at everything it can do!

7 September 2015

Not satisfied with the public relations disaster that was #AustraliansForCoal, the Minerals Council yesterday launched a new campaign to plug their favourite little black rock. This time, they tried to convince us that #coalisamazing. It went just as badly.


The Minerals Council would have us believe that coal makes the world a better place. They reckon coal is as amazing as your best friend who always knows how to cheer you up, your cousin who helped you move houses that one time, or your mate who always buys the first round.

We weren’t so sure – until today, when a lovely little piece coal helped everyone in the office out. Coal was so great at…

Keeping us caffeinated

Keeping us beautiful


Taking care of food scraps

Keeping us happy

Coal inspired us…



Coal knew just how to help


Coal held us down

Coal made everyone else jealous


Wasn’t too proud to do chores

Plus, coal is so smart!


It can do tough jobs

Has great music taste


Which isn’t surprising, because…

Coal even helped me write this!


It’s a shame that our mate coal contributes to air pollution and thousands of premature deaths. It’s also a real bummer that coal is the number one cause of climate change – which could increase the frequency and severity of natural disasters, cause ocean acidification and desertification, and inundate island nations.

Coal IS amazing at one thing – sequestering carbon. That’s exactly why we need to keep this little black rock firmly in the ground. Agree? Join a movement of passionate Aussies helping to stop our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and move towards a brighter, cleaner, renewable future instead.