• Opposition rising to fading whaling industry

    8 July 2012

    Whale conservation has lost out to the fading, but still defiant pro-whaling forces, at this year’s International Whaling Commission (IWC) annual meeting. The meeting in Panama City had initially offered the world hope that the IWC would actually help to save whales, not whalers, after the Latin American nations proposed the creation of a whale sanctuary in the southern Atlantic.

  • Whaling, Activism, and Human Rights

    2 September 2010

    This will be the first blog Toru and I have written together, as up until recently our heavy bail restrictions have meant that we could not be in the same room or even talk to each other without a lawyer present.

  • Can't Take A Leak But A Coal Transfer Is OK

    14 May 2010

    On Tuesday morning, stricken Chinese coal bulker, Shen Neng 1, arrived in the pristine wateres of Hervey Bay. The ship anchored in the great sandy marine park, a whale sanctuary on the edge of world heritage listed Fraser Island.

  • Is There Any Life Left In The Whaling Commission?

    19 June 2009

    I'm in Madeira, a Portuguese island in the Atlantic and the host of this year's annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission. The IWC, as it's known, is the peak international body for deciding upon all issues related to whales and whaling.