• Six reasons to keep oil out of the Great Australian Bight

    8 May 2017

    “The Great Australian Bight is the greatest whale nursery on this planet. The whale story where I come from is my university, my school… Whales like sperm whales, blue whales, pygmy blue whales, killer whales, humpback whales – they travel down there to honour that great journey, that song, that story of the great white whale Jeedara that is there now… ” - Bunna Lawrie, Mirning Elder.

  • Dirty Energy's Tax Rort

    13 February 2017

    How do you know when a tax regime isn't working? When industry demands that it be kept as is! Major oil and gas producers have called on the government to resist demands to tighten up Australia's primary tax on oil and gas, the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT). Greenpeace Australia Pacific and the Tax Justice Network have argued that it is time to end the industry's free ride.

  • Oil over in the Bight - someone tell Turnbull

    18 October 2016

    On 11 October, the Great Australian Bight avoided invasion from one monster oil company. But though BP might have backed off, other fossil-fuel fiends - like Chevron - are lurking in the shadows.

  • The cinema ad BP doesn't want you to see...

    30 September 2016

    Let's face it. BP is going to hate this... With Hollywood blockbuster Deepwater Horizon set to hit Australian cinemas next week, we've produced a trailer for the truth.

  • Life choices, and hopes for the future

    8 April 2015

    Blog post by Andreas Widlund on board the Polar Pioneer My name is Andreas Widlund. I am 27 years old, and I grew up in Umeå in the Northern part of Sweden. As you read this, I will have boarded Shell’s oil rig, Polar Pioneer, that is on the way to the Arctic to drill for oil. We are an international climbing team of six, who are the middle of the Pacific Ocean to send a clear message on behalf of many more. But before I go deeper into why, I would like to tell you how I got here.