• The environmental disaster you've never heard of

    12 July 2018
    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

    On the other side of the world is an environmental disaster waiting to happen but you’ve probably heard of it. A series of toxic tar sands oil pipelines are set to be built throughout North America - that’s unless the community manages to stand in their way.

  • Climate leaders don’t build tar sands pipelines

    27 June 2018
    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

    You may have seen the news recently that Justin Trudeau has gone hell for leather and committed to a bail-out for the controversial Trans Mountain Expansion Project – a tar sands pipeline due to be built in Canada.  

  • Eight years on: Deepwater Horizon still haunts the Gulf of Mexico

    23 May 2018
    Emily Stock

    When a drilling rig leased by BP exploded 40 miles off the Louisiana coastline, eleven workers lost their lives and pipes deep under the surface of seafloor ruptured. Oil gushed for three months into the Gulf of Mexico, and millions of barrels of oil polluted thousands of miles of marine ecosystems, devastating local communities.

  • Underwater love: Why I'm in the fight for the Great Australian Bight

    16 May 2018
    Michaela Skovranova

    I first moved to Australia from a landlocked country when I was 13. All of a sudden, I was surrounded by what felt like endless oceans. The ocean was intimidating, powerful and incredibly beautiful. It completely enchanted me. Now, I’m a photographer specialising in the oceans, and the Great Australian Bight is our wild, uncompromising, underwater backyard.

  • Chevron's Amazon Chernobyl Case moves to Canada

    19 September 2017

    After perpetrating what is probably the worst oil-related catastrophe on Earth - a 20,000 hectare death zone in Ecuador, known as the “Amazon Chernobyl” - the Chevron Corporation has spent two decades and over a billion dollars trying to avoid responsibility. In 2011, Indigenous and peasant villagers won an $9.5-billion compensation judgement in Ecuador. Chevron, despite accepting jurisdiction in Ecuador to avoid a US jury trial, refused to pay.