• The true cost of cheap prawns

    4 November 2014

    Like to throw a prawn on the barbecue? If we give a moment's thought to where it came from, we might imagine a sunburnt Australian fisher skillfully casting his net into coastal waters and hauling in his humble catch.

  • Spring Fishion Show kicks off seafood labelling campaign

    26 October 2014

    It’s all about the label, according to top model and environmental scientist Laura Wells who compered the Bouillabaisse Spring Fishion Show which launched the ‘Label My Fish’ campaign in Sydney this month.

  • For the oceans - every week is Shark Week!

    15 October 2014

    'Shark':  it’s an evocative and symbolic single syllable. Just the sound of the word conjures up a host of associated images, usually to do with menacing fins, teeth, and a certain cinematic soundtrack.

  • Navigating seafood

    14 October 2014

    Sea life is one of the last sources of food hunted from the wild. Most of what we eat comes from farming, where we have thousands of years of history in domesticating animals for food production and growing crops

  • Seafood labelling – why are we whiting?

    11 October 2014

    Over time I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way Australians can make informed choices about what we’re eating is if we’re given sufficient information, if we're told exactly what's on the plate.

  • 6 JAWsome shark facts!

    11 August 2014

    Do sharks make you think of the theme music from Jaws and shark nets at the beach?