• Is krill oil sustainable?

    15 March 2018
    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

    Krill is often sold in products such as krill oil and Omega-3 tablets, as well as fishmeal for farmed fish and even pet food. But despite presenting itself as one of the best managed fisheries in the world, our latest investigative report paints a very different picture.

  • Antarctic's Top Penguin

    19 February 2018
    Nathaniel Pelle, Senior Campaigner

    Not every penguin is up to the challenge of living in the Antarctic, but those that do are a special sort of awesome. Remember, they don’t have the luxury of being able to fly away again if the weather turns bad.

  • Overfishing in Kiribati

    14 February 2018

    It’s less land than sea, really. Just over 800 square kilometres of earth, smaller than many Australian national parks, but its coral atolls span a staggering 3.5 million sq km of the central Pacific Ocean. But this beautiful place is now a magnet for huge commercial fishing operators from Europe, Asia and America.

  • 6 reasons to choose pole and line tuna

    12 February 2018
    Nathaniel Pelle, Senior Campaigner

    There are plenty of canned tuna options on our supermarket shelves and it can be confusing to know which one to choose. If there is one thing you should remember it is this – choose ‘pole and line’ caught tuna.

  • Can we Create Healthy Oceans and Tackle Climate Change at the Same Time?

    24 November 2017

    “We woke up to the fact that there’s ocean change just like climate change. We need ocean action like there’s climate action.” These words rang out at international climate talks last week, spoken by Peter Thompson, the UN’s special envoy for the ocean. This is just one sign that ensuring healthy oceans is fast becoming recognised as indivisible from tackling climate change.

  • Antarctic Krill - Not Just Whale Food

    4 November 2017

    Krill is whale food. In fact, it’s a commonly held misbelief that ‘krill’ in Norwegian literally means ‘whale food’. It doesn’t, but it’s still true. Massive swarms of krill, a tiny micro-shrimp in the Antarctic Ocean, provide the principal food for blue whales – the largest animal that ever lived.