• Once upon a time we went fishing

    9 November 2012

    Once upon a time in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand there was a great tradition. Hopeful anglers would gather to face off in the annual Whakatane Tuna Tournament.  I say ‘once upon a time’ because the Whakatane Tuna Tournament no longer exists.

  • Look what the FAD dragged in

    28 October 2012

    Greenpeace has long been concerned about the bycatch caused by the use of Fish Aggregating Devices, or FADs, with purse seine nets. This fishing method is a deadly combination of a floating object, left adrift for weeks or months, and a huge encircling net that takes everything in the vicinity.

  • Stop the Margiris and spare the oceans

    31 August 2012

    We Australians love a local link. When big news happens around the world, instinctively the first thing we check is whether an Aussie was involved. But, this time around, the story is coming to us in the form of the imminent arrival of the 142 metre long Margiris super trawler.

  • Guest blogger Callum Roberts: Future oceans

    26 July 2012

    Imagine a world, not very far in the future, where families shun the idea of a seaside holiday because the sea is too unpleasant to visit, perhaps even dangerous. The beach is heaped with rotting green seaweed and bodies of jellyfish litter the strand. Getting in the water you risk illness; even the air might be poisonous. If this sounds unlikely, think again: it is all happening somewhere, right now.

  • One boat coming to Australia that we should fear

    1 June 2012

    Australia is about to have one of the world’s biggest fishing vessels – from a fleet that has a track record of obliterating fish stocks around the world – enter its shores.

  • Protecting Antarctica, the heart of the ocean

    22 May 2012

    For many people the Antarctic is little more than a far-away frozen region, literally at the edge of the world; with sterile glaciers, icebergs and colonies of not-so ‘Happy Feet’ penguins, buffeted for much of their lives in the extreme Antarctic wind.

  • From Cronulla to the Kimberley

    20 May 2012

    Last week, treasured Australian writer Tim Winton delivered this powerful speech (read the full transcript here) to parliament in Canberra calling for protection of our vital oceans.

  • Bycatch. There's a catch.

    9 October 2011

    I’m here in the middle of the Western Pacific ocean with Greenpeace, onboard the Esperanza, part of the ‘Defending the Pacific’ oceans campaign.

  • Defending our Pacific with the new team in Korea

    28 June 2011

    It is without a doubt that our oceans are an integral part of human survival and crucial to how Mother Nature goes about her business on a day-to-day basis and maintains. After all, 80% of all the life on Earth lies beneath the surface of our seas.