• Why UNESCO’s draft decision to leave the Great Barrier Reef out of its “in danger” list is another red flag the environment faces.

    25 August 2023
    Ines Icaza

    Our planet continues to warn us that we cannot continue on our current trajectory. And this year has proven to be no different. From the hottest month on record to what is looking like the hottest year. Moreover, there are some of the biggest environmental red flags of 2023 to remind us why the Great Barrier Reef (as well as many other species and natural environments) should be treated as “in danger”.

  • The real reason people are obsessed with stopping Woodside

    10 August 2023

    Last week, WA Premier Roger Cook asked “what is it about people’s obsession with Woodside?” Given the millions Woodside has spent on constructing the lie that it is a good corporate citizen of Western Australia, plastering its logo all across our beloved sporting and cultural institutions, it’s an understandable query.

  • Resilient Voices of Tuvalu

    1 August 2023
    Shiva Gounden

    Talofa from the Rainbow Warrior! Let me introduce you to Tuvalu, a breathtaking atoll nation facing immense climate impacts. Home to approximately 11,000 people, many of its islands and islets stand just 2 metres above sea level, leaving them vulnerable to the rising tides.

  • "We must double down on the fight for climate justice"

    19 July 2023

    The Rainbow Warrior is journeying through the Pacific Islands carrying courageous climate litigants from the Caribbean, Torres Strait, Philippines, India, Tonga and Solomon Islands and Australia who have come together to share stories, strength, and strategies for achieving climate justice. Climate litigant and activist, Anjali Sharma, shared her deeply personal story with members of civil society groups, local communities and representatives from the government of Vanuatu at the Rainbow Warrior welcome ceremony.

  • Welcome Home Greenpeace

    14 July 2023
    Shiva Gounden

    "Welcome home, Greenpeace, welcome home, you've been gone for so long..." Chief Timothy sang as he welcomes the Rainbow Warrior back to Vanuatu, 38 years after the original Rainbow Warrior was bombed while peacefully protesting environmental injustice in the Pacific.

  • Fuel Efficiency Standard Consultation: Greenpeace’s Submission

    19 June 2023

    The Australian Government has finally agreed to create a fuel efficiency standard to limit pollution from new cars - which is great news for people and the planet and will mean more electric vehicles on our roads and fewer greenhouse gas emissions from cars.