• Real pirates plunder and steal

    21 October 2013

    It is now more than 30 days since our ship was seized and our 30 friends and colleagues were arrested. They now face a charge of piracy — an absurd charge that carries a maximum 15 year jail sentence.  In the meantime pirate fishing is a real threat, recklessly plundering our oceans.

  • It's simple: Ban the FAD

    6 December 2012

    Blogpost by Duncan Williams - December 5, 2012 Philippines is a great country. "It’s more fun in the Philippines" is an aptly coined slogan for its tourism campaign. Greenpeace put that slogan to the test this morning with an impromptu activity delivering a message to delegates attending the Ninth Annual Session of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) in Manila. The Greenpeace message is simple. “Save Our Tuna, Ban the FAD”.

  • Esperanza for Pacific Oceans, Pacific People, Pacific Lives

    17 October 2011

    As a Pacific Islander onboard the Greenpeace vessel, the MY Esperanza (Spanish for Hope), I cannot help but feel that there is hope despite the plight facing our magnificent Pacific Ocean. This vast oceanscape has been the bridge connecting people of Pasifika for thousands of years.

  • Nauru Comes Through

    14 October 2011

    Recently the Esperanza and crew had a short stop in Nauru, a small Pacific island country between Kiribati and the Marshall Islands.

  • Mermaid and the fish that got away

    12 October 2011

    It was a busy day for the crew of the Esperanza yesterday – a mermaid, a Taiwanese longliner, and a marlin in distress.

  • Campaigning to save the oceans by changing European fishing

    19 July 2011

    A few months ago I lived on an Australian beach with rainforest for a backyard. Why would I leave this behind to work in rainy Belgium? Because some time ago, having largely emptied their own seas, super-sized European fishing boats began plundering Pacific waters.One of the only ways to stop them is to fix the European Union’s fishing rules.