• Why are taxpayers paying for coal trains?

    9 June 2010

    I had a cursory glance through the Queensland and New South Wales State budgets yesterday to see if there was anything interesting going on in terms of climate change. There wasn’t.

  • A Golden Chainsaw for Papua New Guinea

    25 October 2010

    Today I gave Greenpeace’s Golden Chainsaw award to the representative of the Government of PNG at talks on REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestaion and Degradation). Her name is Federica Bietta and she is also representing PNG as co-chair on special REDD Partnership negotiations.

  • Launching Changing Climates: a Greenpeace photo exhibition

    4 November 2011

    We couldn’t have picked a better summers evening to launch our Changing Climates photo exhibition.  The backdrop was Sydney’s beautiful Botanical Gardens and by sunset the food and wine were flowing. The speakers were Julian Burnside AO QC and our very own climate campaigner John Hepburn.

  • Crazy weather and crazy politicians

    14 February 2014

    Sydney Harbour Bridge was barely visible through the smoke and amber coloured sky. Men covered in protective clothing sprayed water at the blazing bush. A row of four ducks swiftly waddled their way out of danger.

  • Hockey exposes us as fair weather friends

    15 May 2014

    With this Budget, Joe Hockey has signaled to the rest of the planet that Australia expects to free ride on the efforts of others. He has abandoned the core Australian value of being true blue, writes David Ritter. Originally published in The Drum.

  • Do energy company executives really hate solar panels this much?

    23 June 2014

    This wasn’t what people on Sydney’s George Street were expecting to see on their morning commute. Three men, dressed as the CEOs of Origin Energy, AGL Energy, and EnergyAustralia, were surrounded by a crowd and TV cameras as they hauled a dozen solar panels into a dumpster while spectators booed them on. Seriously!