Great Barrier Reef

  • What a beautiful reef to dump coal on. NOT

    4 February 2013

    Last Friday, the Environment Minister Tony Burke effectively told UNESCO, ‘don’t worry, be happy’, in response to grave concerns about the future of the Great Barrier Reef.

  • The Australian Government approving more destruction of the Reef

    22 October 2012

    In the fight to save the places we love there are always swings and roundabouts, but the last two weeks have felt more like a wipe-out than either a swing or a roundabout. Last week the media focus was on the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, doing deals with India so they could import our uranium – without signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

  • Cooking the climate: Wrecking the reef

    19 September 2012

    Everything about the Galilee Basin is epic. Its name, its size and sparse beauty, the enormous amount of coal buried just under the soil and the scale of mining being proposed to dig it up. But eclipsing all of this are the epic consequences if this coal is dug up and burnt – and that remains true whether the coal is burnt in Australia or in India or China.

  • The Risk Of Cashing In On The Reef

    14 June 2012

    Last Friday financial analysts across India opened their copy of the Financial Times and saw a full-page advertisement asking if they were going to “sink your profits on the Great Barrier Reef”.

  • Macken sense: I'm not psychic but...

    30 March 2012

    The mining industry has a problem – farmland, the environment and the pesky Great Barrier Reef just keeps getting in the way of their vast new coal mines and mining infrastructure.

  • David vs Goliath

    6 March 2012

    Last week Greenpeace launched a vital new campaign for Australia. We’re taking on the massive coal mining and coal export expansion plans particularly in Queensland. These mega coal mines, coal port infrastructure and increases in coal shipping traffic not only spell disaster for our climate but for Australia’s national treasure – the Great Barrier Reef.