Fossil Fuels

  • Pick tigers over coal

    16 October 2012

    Few countries can boast a national animal with the status as India. The tiger, as a symbol of India, is as recognisable as the Taj Mahal and as loved as Mahatma Gandhi.

  • The coal industry’s Great Illusionist Brief

    25 October 2012

    Here’s a question for you: how much of a masterpiece can you remove, before it loses its value and beauty for which it is recognised? That’s the question the Australian government is wrestling with as the coal industry makes greater and greater inroads into the masterpiece that is the Great Barrier Reef.

  • What a beautiful reef to dump coal on. NOT

    4 February 2013

    Last Friday, the Environment Minister Tony Burke effectively told UNESCO, ‘don’t worry, be happy’, in response to grave concerns about the future of the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Australian coal exports: a climate change boomerang

    27 February 2013

    The Australian continent might be about 4,000 km wide from east to west, but even the far west coast cannot escape the winds of Cyclone Rusty and the alarming impacts of climate change caused by coal mining, such as the planned Galilee Basin project, in the nation's east.

  • Call off the zombies!

    15 May 2013

    I don’t know much about zombies. What I do know has been taught to me by my thirteen-year-old son: one of the first rules is don’t ever turn your back on them if you’re not sure they’re dead.

  • Russian Indigenous communities clean up Rusvietpetro’s oil spill as company does nothing

    4 June 2013

    On May 26, oil began flowing down the Kolva River through Komi Indigenous land in Northern Russia. For a week now the oil has been coating the river and building up on the banks, with no reaction from Rusvietpetro, the joint venture company of VietPetro and Zarubezhneft, a state-controlled Russian oil company, and no cleanup being organised by the company or even the local authorities.

  • Expanding coal exports is bad news for Australia and the world

    13 September 2013

    By Brett Parris, Monash University In the coming months our new federal government will be promoting a massive expansion in Australia’s coal exports. In all likelihood they’ll hail it as “good For Australia”. It isn’t.

  • Now it’s up to us

    20 December 2013

    Court decision leaves it to the people to save endangered forest