Breaking free from fossil fuels

  • Will Julia learn from failed leaders on climate?

    24 June 2010

    Failure to act on climate change claimed the political scalp of Kevin Rudd and John Howard before him. How Julia Gillard responds to the issue will play a crucial role in the success of her leadership.

  • Why are taxpayers paying for coal trains?

    9 June 2010

    I had a cursory glance through the Queensland and New South Wales State budgets yesterday to see if there was anything interesting going on in terms of climate change. There wasn’t.

  • The BP Deepwater Disaster: One Month On

    26 May 2010

    Greenpeace oil specialist and marine biologist Paul Horsman recently visited the Mississippi Delta to see first-hand the oil that is beginning to wash onto the shores of this delicate coastal ecosystem.

  • Can't Take A Leak But A Coal Transfer Is OK

    14 May 2010

    On Tuesday morning, stricken Chinese coal bulker, Shen Neng 1, arrived in the pristine wateres of Hervey Bay. The ship anchored in the great sandy marine park, a whale sanctuary on the edge of world heritage listed Fraser Island.

  • NSW Gov't Rejects Bickham Coal Mine

    14 May 2010

    In what appears to be the first ever rejection of a new coal mine by the NSW Government, Premier Kristina Keneally has today rejected the proposed Bickham coal mine in the Upper Hunter Valley.

  • How To Talk To Kids About Climate Change

    2 September 2009

    I’ve been thinking a lot about kids and climate change lately. I’m not just wondering, as I often do, what they’ll think of our response to the crisis and what they’ll do when they are adults. I’ve actually been trying to work out how to explain climate change to them without scaring their little socks off.

  • Controversial Anvil Hill mine sold to Xstrata

    18 September 2007

    Yesterday's announcement that Centennial Coal, Australia's largest independent coal company, has failed in its plan to develop one of the richest coal seams in NSW, is a huge victory for people concerned about climate change as well as concerned locals in the Hunter Valley.