Fossil Fuels

  • Six reasons to keep oil out of the Great Australian Bight

    8 May 2017

    “The Great Australian Bight is the greatest whale nursery on this planet. The whale story where I come from is my university, my school… Whales like sperm whales, blue whales, pygmy blue whales, killer whales, humpback whales – they travel down there to honour that great journey, that song, that story of the great white whale Jeedara that is there now… ” - Bunna Lawrie, Mirning Elder.

  • Sorting out Fact from Fiction: Is the Carmichael Mine back on track?

    7 June 2017

    Yesterday, amid much fanfare, it was announced that Adani Group had given the Carmichael coal mine "the go-ahead.” Who gave the “green light” for the project you ask? The board of the company that has been trying to build the mine for the past seven years!

  • Exposing Canavan’s Coal Slush Fund

    16 June 2017

    The Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility: secretive, compromised and currently considering giving $1 billion of public money to the climate-wrecking Carmichael coal mine.

  • Dear Mr Prime Minister, please stand up for clean energy progress

    7 July 2017

    As the Prime Minister prepares to attend the G20 conference in Germany the Deputy Program Director of Greenpeace, Susannah Compton, has sent him a letter reminding him of the importance of maintaining the progress that financial institutions have made towards funding sustainable energy in developing countries.

  • Living the dream - how I found the time to be a hands-on activist in a busy, crazy world.

    11 July 2017

    Always being a keen “keyboard activist”, signing petitions and sending emails, I told myself that as a busy working mum this was all I had time to do. So, when Greenpeace asked me to step up and lead some Coalbank action in my region, the temptation was soon quashed with my own ready mantra, “I’m working full time and now studying too – I haven’t got the time”

  • Why Australia needs to whip its coal dependence

    14 July 2017

    In the same way people a century ago wanted cars instead of horses, people today don’t want coal — they want renewables. This piece was originally published on Independent Australia.

  • Dirty coal to dirty politics

    21 July 2017

    Everything is connected through a malformed Political Economy The life of our reef is intimately linked to the health of our politics and the future of our communities. Coal has no role to play.