Transitioning To Clean Energy

  • 13 ways to green your wardrobe

    29 August 2014

    Say what you will about jeggings - more often than not, the real fashion victims are the environment, climate, and people making your clothes.

  • How much trash do you produce in a week?

    20 August 2014

    If you could see all the waste you produce, would it change the way you consume? This photographer is hoping so. Australians produce a lot of waste. According to Clean Up Australia, the amount of waste that hits landfill in Australia every year is enough to cover the entire state of Victoria.

  • 5 indoor plants that are natural purifiers

    20 July 2014

    Think your office could do with some fresh air? Try working on a space station. When NASA wanted to help its astronauts breathe easier, they used plants that improve air quality.

  • Local produce: not just for hipsters

    10 July 2014

    Whether you’re on a low-carbon diet or just want fruit and vegetables that taste great, here are 4 reasons eating local produce is for everyone.

  • Which bin do I put my coffee cup in?

    24 May 2011

    In the Greenpeace office this week we've been arguing over which recycling bin to toss our coffee cups into. While most people take their own mug to the cafe, there are a few people that forget, causing much consternation to the office zealots who find the cups strewn between the plastics, paper, and compost bin.