• 5 ways to transform your old smartphone into something new

    9 September 2016

    Take a look in your drawer at home. It’s likely you’ll have a hidden stash of old phones, just sitting there taking up space. Indeed, according to a recent survey conducted by Greenpeace East Asia, in the US people own on average three phones in their house, while in South Korea the average is four and in Mexico up to five (both used and unused)!

  • New government. Same fight. Saving the Reef from coal.

    2 September 2016

    Monday afternoon the text came through: the Federal Court had upheld the Abbott Government’s environmental approval for the massive Carmichael mine. The court challenge, brought by our friends at the Australian Conservation Foundation, was defeated.

  • A disappointing verdict for Queensland's forests, trees and wildlife

    23 August 2016

    Late last week, a narrow majority of Queensland MPs voted against protection for Queensland’s forests, trees and wildlife. What they didn’t count on was us. People like you and I, building something unstoppable: tens of thousands of people united to protect Queensland forests.

  • 6 amazing plastic bans from around the world

    5 August 2016

    Good news! Plastic bans across the world have been hitting the headlines lately. From the US to India and Morocco, governing bodies are taking control of the plastic pollution problem, bringing in either complete bans on plastic, or bans on specific forms like polystyrene.

  • VICTORY in the heart of the Amazon!

    5 August 2016

    I had barely had breakfast when I was surprised by some absolutely amazing news: the Brazilian environmental agency – IBAMA – announced it was cancelling the licence for the proposed São Luiz do Tapajós (SLT) megadam in the heart of the Amazon. Once my heart rate returned to normal, I started to call my colleagues and Munduruku leaders, seeking confirmation.

  • It only takes 1 plastic bag to ruin your whole day.

    1 August 2016

    On a recent trip to the Sunshine coast, my 10 year old son asked if we could go to the Aquarium. I’m not usually a party pooper but my first thought was not excitement but trepidation and then concern for the animals living in the facility.

  • Fast fashion: Three tips to reduce your textile waste

    27 July 2016

    Anyone who has recently walked past a clothing store knows: it’s sale time. The temptations are strong: an extra 50 per cent off, prospects of cheap chic, a risk of missing out on bargains. Fast fashion is popular.

  • Plastic pollution: five easy tips to reduce how much plastic you use

    26 July 2016

    Plastic is ubiquitous. It’s in our clothing, our shoes, our phone, our furniture. We store food in it, we eat and drink from it, we sit on it, we brush our teeth with it. It comes in all colours, shapes and sizes. The reason plastic is ever-present? It’s cheap, it’s convenient, and it lasts. But plastic comes at a cost: plastic pollution.