• Frosty the Snowman’s fossil fetish

    7 December 2016

    What a children’s song teaches us about coal, climate change and the dangers of greed; and why Turnbull should put our billion dollars back into aid, not subsidies.

  • 10 Stunning People Of The Oceans Photos

    3 December 2016

    I love the oceans. There, I've said it! I live in Sydney so I'm always pretty close to a beach, and am lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time in the ocean. Working at Greenpeace on oceans issues, I also spend a lot of time thinking about them. It is the nature of our role to highlight the issues that affect the world around us, but every so often it's important to just stop, and smell the sea air.

  • Shining a light on dodgy fossil fuel subsidies

    1 December 2016

    Thousands of people demanded an inquiry into the fossil fuel subsidies costing Australia billions and cooking our climate. Now our voices have been heard. Not once, but twice.

  • Naomi Klein: In Conversation

    16 November 2016

    Activism legend Naomi Klein speaks to Greenpeace's David Ritter about the "insanity" of government coal collusion, scenarios for the Great Barrier Reef, and her admiration for Australia's environmental movement.

  • Can meat eating really be sustainable?

    2 November 2016

    I’ve spent a lot of time lately talking to people about meat. About how much they eat (in Australia = a LOT) about how it’s produced, about better ways to do things.