Can we still stop catastrophic climate change?

Can we still stop catastrophic climate change? The United Nations chief body of climate scientists has just released a report on what we need to do.

8 October 2018

Two pacific islander girls playing on the shore of their island.

© Christian Åslund / Greenpeac

My name is Samu. I’m writing to you from Namatakula, Fiji. Here in our village, we’re fighting to stop rising seawater by planting mangroves, but our efforts are simply not enough as we lose more land to the ocean every year. It’s devastating to do our part and see the biggest polluters refuse to do theirs.

The United Nations just released a scientific report that confirms our worst fears – the world is nowhere near on track to keep global warming below 1.5°C – the level where we still have a fighting chance. The report shows us that disaster can still be averted, but only if every country pulls its weight fast.

The good news is that you’re in the best possible place to fight one of the largest coal exporters in the world – the Australian Government. The coal that is mined in Australia is burnt all over the world, feeding the climate change monster that devours our homes, floods our streets and plucks our loved ones from this Earth.

Let’s use this moment to get the big polluting countries to prove that they’re serious about keeping us safe. Scott Morrison: show us your plan to reach zero emissions now!


Here in the Pacific, climate change has already stolen so much from us – our beaches are disappearing with the rising seawater and we fear the next cyclone that could take our loved ones, our homes and our schools. But we refuse to let greedy companies and the governments that enable them take any more.

We need thousands of people like you to join us in demanding a plan from Scott Morrison so that our voices haunt him everywhere he goes – in the streets, in the media, in Parliament and at every global meeting.

If we can pull this off, Scott Morrison’s grotesque defence of coal over our lives will be exposed. The Australian Government will lose its fragile defences and be forced to show us their plan to phase out fossil fuels. Of course, they’ll have to make one first. They better get cracking!

This petition is just the start of this journey. It means so much to know that we have friends like you in Australia who care about our lives. Please, add your voice now.


We may be small, but Pacific Island countries are leading the fight for our lives. The Marshall Islands just announced their plan to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions, and Fiji is set to follow. Meanwhile, Australia’s emissions are going up, not down.

If the countries least responsible for climate change can do it, there’s no excuse for wealthy countries like Australia. Add your voice now.

It means the world to know that you’re with us.

Samu is a volunteer with Pacific Island Represent – Greenpeace’s activist team in the Pacific region.