A personal victory in Poznan

10 December 2008

Paul Yaqona and Leah Wickham in the Global Day of Action in Poznan This post is just in from Paul Yaqona, one of our Pacific representatives in Poznan. It was an amazing experience to be part of the Global Day of Action on climate change. Marches around the world were held to ensure that government leaders arriving in Poznan listen to the will of their citizens and get serious about climate action. I participated in the march in Poznan. We walked from the city square to the conference hall where the UN talks are being held. The whole atmosphere during the march was absolutely empowering for me as a Pacific Islander. As a youth representative from the Pacific, the Global Day of Action was for me a personal victory. A personal victory because it gave me the much needed opportunity to show the rest of the world that our peaceful Pacific existence deserves urgent attention and assistance from the more developed countries. It gave me the opportunity to remind them that climate change is real and is already wreaking havoc on our fragile Pacific Islands. The feeling of being part of a global effort was truly irreplaceable. » Take action: We’ve started projecting your watching faces at the Poznan meeting. Show our leaders you’re watching by uploading your image. » Read the latest blog post from our other Poznan blogger from the Pacific – Leah Wickham. » Find out more about what's been going on at the UN climate meeting in Poznan.