Nathaniel Pelle, Senior Campaigner

Areas of expertise: Oil exploration, sustainable fishing, marine wildlife

Nat leads Greenpeace’s campaign to end the age of oil and gas, and to protect Australia’s oceans from reckless corporations and government inaction. Most recently led Greenpeace's successful campaign to protect the Great Australian Bight from oil drilling by the likes of BP, Chevron, and Equinor.

In recent years he coordinated a national coalition of NGOS, retailers, restaurants, and the fishing industry to demand fair and accurate labelling of Australian imported seafood products to prevent illegal, unethical, and environmentally damaging seafood products being sold blindly to consumers. In 2012 he led Greenpeace's role in the campaign to get the MV Margiris supertrawler banned from Australian waters, and ultimately a permanent ban on supertrawlers. He also led the Australian campaign that made canned tuna brands like John West, Coles, IGA, Aldi and others stop supporting destructive fishing methods.

Nat grew up in Newcastle where he originally worked as a graphic designer. Against the backdrop of this large coastal, industrial town grew his love of the ocean and concern for workers’ rights and livelihoods. He studied Peace and Conflict, Media, and Environmental Politics in Newcastle and Sydney and in Edinburgh, Scotland.

“My working life has been varied but nothing beats working for Greenpeace,” says Nat. “We are ordinary people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe just trying to make a difference.”